Sounds Makes Sense: The Craft of Artful Sentences

Instructor: Pearl Abraham


Making Your Own Days, Kenneth Koch (Touchstone)

The Art of Syntax, Ellen Bryant Voigt (Graywolf)

A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer, Christine Schutt (Harcourt)


The Consecution of Gordon Lish: An Essay on Form and Influence, Jason Lucarelli

“The Sentence is a Lonely Place,” Gary Lutz

“Copy & Compose,” Winston Weathers & Otis Winchester 

“Additive Style,” Stanley Fish

“The Death of Me,” and “The Merry Chase,” Gordon Lish

“Water Liars,” Barry Hannah 


Day 1

Read “Music,” in Making Your Own Days” and “The Sentence is a Lonely Place”

Syllable Work

Day 2

Read “The Consecution of Gordon Lish…,” “The Death of Me,” “Merry Chase,” and “Water Liars”

Internal Rhyme: full, half, slant

Day 3

Read pages 1-42 in The Art of Syntax


Day 4

Read “Copy & Compose” and “Alt Style” 

Sentence Types:  Simple, compound, loose, periodic, inverted, interrupted, labyrinthine, crots, lists

Please bring these essays and stories, as well as the texts to classes with you, as we will be working with these in session. 

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